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Jealousy is hurting your love story: you see monsters and shadows where there's nothing lurking around. If you've got issues to make your voice be heard, keep calm and wait for a better time. Try to enjoy this Monday with composure and slide away from the ghosts of your past.

Even with your previous backstory, you want to live in peace, joining together you and your partner's hearts, taking the steering wheel behind the ship of your love. Unfortunately, the Moon could whisper new routes into your mind and take you down the wrong path, where there's no fortune nor good feelings of love.

If you're single, you'll turn out to be mistrusting. You know it's alright if you sleep alone tonight, and in fact, that means the whole bed is for no one but you to enjoy.


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No one's trying to attack your professionalism or ego, Aries. Keep that in mind all day long. There will be some instances when you might punctually think that, when your managers or workmates tell you you're making mistakes, or that you're carrying out projects through the long and winding road, when there's shorter routes to take.

You can't read any of these as personal affronts, but as support instead. They're trying to make you more effective and efficient, that's all.

In the area of home economics, conflict may arise, because there'll be several interests involved and no one will be willing to give in. If there's an argument boiling up, always try to find a friendly solution.


It's not all black and white, there's also a great range of shades of grey! Your perception on your health won't be good, and you'll think you're sicker than you actually are. Or perhaps you'll overestimate yourself and perceive yourself as a tiger inside when you're nothing but a cuddly little kitten.

Long story short: watch out for your imagination, because it's slightly overflowing and it'll get you away from the grip of reality. Besides, you know that dreams never last too long.

If you're undergoing medical treatment, you can ask your doctor about any doubts you have, they'll help you draw away some fears, and even suit you up with some good mood.