Aries Daily Horoscope for April 15

Your Horoscope for Monday
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It seems to be a rather simple day for those native Aries who are living a process of separation or any other type of judicial agreement with an ex-partner.

Tension is at the surface, and a cold freeze of toxic air will brush past you both causing damage that person who once formed part of your heart.

You should worry more about yourself, your gestures and the words you say, and not about what the other person says; that is why you keep a count of insults and grievances.

For those single, the air seems a little messy and all over the place as the person that you liked may have had a change of heart and turns their back to you.

The most sensible thing to do is to let it pass like flowing water. Don’t drink from water you aren’t sure is pure and good for you.

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Take advantage of this astral setting in order to advance your work. MagicHoroscope will help you get active and pursue your personal goals, and awaken your competitive spirit in a healthy way.

In addition, it will give you a good intuition to know which doors to knock on if you are considering changing jobs, or simply need a change as you are currently unemployed.

It will also be a good day for those people who are dedicated to the world of sales and commerce, and they are so good that they would even be able to sell ice in the North Pole.

And with this, my dear Aries, means that a bonus is coming your way as your incentives are high. You will have a juicy payroll at the end of the month.


Throughout this Monday you will have a satisfactory physical condition.

You will retain this state of happiness as long as you don’t commit excesses or go over the top.

In other words, do not go out on the drink until the sun comes up, or in the morning your head will spin and tick like a bomb about to go off!

It would be a good idea to train yourself and control your impulses when it comes to tasty sweet treats such as cakes, that are loaded with calories that cling to your skin like a tick to a dog.

As your body line won’t resist it, it will be easy for you to put on weight in only a couple of days.