Aries Daily Horoscope |




Magic Horoscope will make you start off the week on the wrong foot, putting obstacles in your path that may affect your love life.

You want to enjoy an explosive romance full of passion, but also to be able to open up and express your feelings to others. Taking steps forward as a couple is good, as long as it is side by side, hand in hand.

Be careful in case you wish to run away and hide. Try to transform this fear into passion as it may end up better than you could have ever imagined. It is hard for you to be discrete because having fun in silence is hard and boring. Scream as loud as you wish!

Those single may have a good day as someone from the weekend calls you as they want to meet up again. Be yourself and the rest will come easily.

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Luck is on your side, my dear Aries, as you know you can buy things without having to worry about the prices. 

You are fierce as a lion and know exactly where to find the best prices and offers. Just make sure you don't spend your money on things you don't need. Don't just spend for the sake of it!

If you are thinking about doing some improvements to your home don't just ask for one budget. Make sure you go to different stores and compare prices.

To save money you can always try and do it yourself, as long as you know how to do it, or it might make things worse and more expensive just to fix it!

Mars, the planet that looks upon you constantly, will not come down and do it for you as he wishes that you learn by yourself for once.



Your body needs a nice massage to alleviate the stress from your shoulders. Why don't you book an appointment and go and see a specialist, such as a physiotherapist?

Make sure that they don't try and sell you more sessions than necessary. Many will say that the tension accumulated in your body is severe and that more than one session is needed. It is up to you to see how many you need. 

You may miss a family member that has passed away, but don't be sad. Think of the good times you have spent together and smile.