Aries Daily Horoscope for May 15

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A day full of thunder, but also of honesty hovers around the native of Aries. You have stood up on the right side of the bed, ready to fight with any excuse.

You will raise your voice without reason, and many will see how your partner ends up teaching the cards he has and showing his face. It will say everything that bothers you, that overwhelms you, and you will not know whether to slow down or accelerate and continue and give everything you have.

For singles, the illusions will be of fantasy and nothing more; You will have the sensation of being conquering someone by the gestures he shows with you, but the truth is that he will not have any interest in your heart or in your body. There is no love.

At least, you will receive good news in the family, someone of similar age to you has achieved success and will want to make you part of it.

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You will not feel worried about all the economic effervescence that surrounds you. On this day you will hate frivolity and gossip, and you will abandon your insecure position because of the fear of being hurt.

You will be able to achieve advances, and you will be happy doing your job and you will feel very proud of what you have achieved for yourself; You will even receive some slap. Too bad it is not a bearer check where you can draw many zeros that same reward!

The motto of this day is not "all or nothing", as it looks for the average term because the extremes will not fill you with grace.

For the unemployed, who are attentive to the computer and job search applications because they could take pleasant news.


A tip from Mercury: stop putting food (and those so-called fast foods) that come from the other side of the planet.

Praise more the virtues of those fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses and oils that are made in your area. Seasonal products are the richest for your body, and also, you put your grain of sand in promoting the local economy.

Also, you have to banish the thought of finding a fruit or an infusion that will make you lose weight all at once. Be realistic, that does not exist!