Aries Daily Horoscope for April 16

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On the emotional side, Venus will not fail to highlight that love that flows around you and will make you especially available for new adventures and encounters.

This is something that is very risky if you already have a partner, but it is you who chooses to have an adventure and walk off route, which at the same time, you may start to feel for this third person you met spontaneously.

This could obviously create problems, and Jupiter may try to reveal some secrets sooner than you expected. This doesn’t end here though, as Jupiter will also highlight a great love for children, and your desire to form the family you always wanted, may be shattered due to your mistakes.

And so, you want to spread your knowledge to your future children, prepare them for life and definitely look after them will make your world a better place.


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The stars will influence your dominant and possessive side at a high level, as you won’t want to spend any money at all. Not even in the most basic of matters in your daily life, such as milk. Nothing at all.

And this could trigger certain conflicts with your professional environment. You will try with all your heart to do your best, against negative energy around you.

You are somewhat deaf, in the figurative sense as you are not interested in other people's opinions. You prefer not to hear them, even if the are from your relatives.

If you manage to get out of your own dictatorship, you will have won a legion of inner enemies you have caused by yourself. This means you have overcome those inner demons feeding on your soul for such a long time.


You will realize that your energy throughout this day is gone and this is causing a huge dent in your health. You won’t know how to face these problems.

Take strength from your inner self, something you can do if you carry around with you a luck object which makes you feel safe and secure.

For example, the ring that you inherited from a family member that you once adored and feel that are always with you, as it contains a magic stone of your zodiac sign.

Be careful with your diet as certain foods that have residues may damage your mouth, such as splinters and small bones, or even those diabolic spines that you put in your mouth and make you scream of pain.