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The Moon offers its light to illuminate your love and family relationships on this Saturday, which can be full of fun for singles.

The key will be improvisation, letting yourself be carried away by circumstances and not planning in a notebook which places you will visit or which friends you will see and who you will not.

A person, a friend of an acquaintance, can be pleasant to you and there will be interesting conversations, but be careful!

If you have a partner you can forget your commitment for a moment and screw it up to the bottom, because what happens between you will end up being known everywhere.


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Do you want to gradually lose all the profits you have gradually amassed?

Of course not! That's your answer, all right, but then why don't you be rigorous about managing your budgets?

You don't keep your word to yourself, and part of the money is lost in transactions that you think will be profitable tomorrow, although in fact they are just the opposite.

At work, don't underestimate younger people with less experience than you, because they are stepping pretty hard.

In fact, they can leave you in evidence, either because they have more knowledge and skills than you (or more updated), or because they manage to crush your bragging.

Try not to make enemies, it's better that you all row in the same direction!


Remember to give sexual relations the importance they have not only within your heart but also as a facet of your health.

Sometimes you forget these issues because of family concerns, or because work kills your brain cells, your spirits and your desire to almost enjoy.

Do not sacrifice your most intimate life, because through it you will feel more alive, younger, with more desire to eat the world and taste everything it can offer you.

If you feel pain in your back, analyze if that low back pain may be related to a few pounds more and a sedentary life.

In any case, you should consult your doctor, lest there is osteoporosis or a compression hidden in those discomforts.