Aries Daily Horoscope for January 16

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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One of the biggest fears you have (even if you never admit it) is feeling unprotected by the people around you.

Let them forget, so to speak, your needs, and don't give you a hand when you're sick. Don't get a tissue when you're crying.

Today, however, that feeling will disappear like the dew of the night when the sun comes, because this Wednesday will be full of light for you.

In fact, your partner will have with you a series of gestures that will fill your heart with joy, and make you value everything you have, and how lucky you are (because sometimes you forget).


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It will be a difficult day in the economic field, especially if you are an Aries native who currently has no job and lives on government benefits and subsidies.

And the same thing is that the administration has not properly processed some document of yours, and that amount you expect, but you are still waiting.

Don't be a passive subject and ask how the matter is going, and if necessary, write a claim so that they give you what corresponds to you.

For the rest, you don't see a day with big unexpected surprises and upsets, as long as the budgets we had previously designed are met (because you made them, didn't you?).


How about you invest a little money in your health, Aries?

The stars worry about the state of your feet, that part of your body that holds all your weight, and we don't always treat them the way they deserve.

And in addition to making an appointment at the chiropodist to assess their condition and tell you that everything is fine (even that nail whose appearance you don't like), you can also do something else.

How about buying a foot whirlpool? It's something relatively cheap, that you can always have at home to give you a good massage that relaxes you.

It will be a great ally if for your work you have to spend many hours without being able to sit down, and its combination of air bubbles and water will alleviate your pains.