Aries Daily Horoscope |



Your phone will ring today and as the sender of the call you will see the name of someone you haven't heard from for quite some time.

A person with whom you had something, which cannot be cataloged as a relationship, and who disappeared from your vera overnight, without giving any reason.

Now you will understand things from the past, but you are no longer the same, you are not the same Aries who knew some time ago, in the same way that she or he has also changed, evolved.

The stars do not recommend you to take things back to where they left off, but they do recommend that you speak and close that story in a cordial way.


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This Sunday Mercury will play a very important role in awakening your professional side, as you will see a former colleague who has evolved more than you.

And you will take it as an example of self-improvement, and it will make you design a strategy to grow, because it will show you that everything is possible.

Maybe it's time not to be so rigid, and expand your activity to new areas, in areas that until now you have only stepped on tiptoe.

If you are currently preparing some kind of test (an exam, a few oppositions) your concentration will be exquisite.

So make the most of every hour you put yourself in front of the notes, because it will make you look quite good, and you will even be able to successfully jump over that stone on which you always tend to stumble.


It is possible that this Sunday you will suffer a rather diffuse fatigue, or perhaps a minor illness (which does not mean that it is not momentarily embarrassing).

You will avoid these inconveniences if you adopt a healthy style in which there is some sport, a few hours of balanced sleep (do not miss the nap of the hands) and a balanced diet.

However, if during the previous six days of this week you have rigidly complied with this last aspect, you could skip the diet in an exceptional way, as a reward.

If you're thinking about expanding your family, your fertility is quite potent, and with little you do there will be a developing pregnancy.