Aries Daily Horoscope for January 17

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Planet Mercury wants to help this Thursday to couples to smile again, because there are more than one and two that walk with the eyebrows wrinkled by various disagreements.

Today, however, you will learn to be more understanding, and in a relaxed way your tolerance will be increased.

At any time you can write again in the book of your love, without fear that the ink will be dry.

In your heart will come out emotions if you are single, and by someone you know for some time (a partner of the association in which you work as a volunteer, perhaps).

However, it may not be love that you feel, but another kind of worship, almost more like admiration, than love itself. You haven't fallen under the spell as you think, no.


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You feel full of energy, and ready to take a bite out of life and savor the luxuries it has for your enjoyment.

Venus also offers you its protection when making budgets, and especially to comply with them, so you will not go out of the expenses you initially planned.

If there are a multitude of events, meetings and expansion opportunities on your horizon during this day, use them headlong.

Try to wear your best smile and your most elegant clothes to make a good impression, and you end up sending your resume abroad.

By the way, it's a good day to buy a lottery ticket, and you could even share the amount of the purchase with a family member and go halfway in the possible benefits that the tickets hide.


Your brain needs you to feed it, and the stars recommend that you activate it by acquiring new skills.

How about going into the kitchen and trying out a recipe from a cookbook step by step? And without changing an ingredient, which then changes the taste!

It will make you concentrate, and as a reward, you will have a tasty dish with which to surprise those you love.

And if you bet on a healthy dish, even better. What if you opt for some artichokes with clams, which will give you a lot of fiber?