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On this Tuesday, 17th of September you will be quite productive, my dear Aries. You will find answers to those doubts you had about those around you and who you love. This will help avoid misunderstandings and will help you see the positive side.

Magic Horoscope predicts moments of tenderness and pleasure, as you will connect and comprehend the heart of that person you love. You will know if someone is lying to your face, which will help you react as soon as you need to.

In some cases, they might just be white lies that you can let slip, as there is no need for drama. Do you tell the truth 24/7?

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Words drift away in the air, and if it concerns business, then even more reason, my dear Aries to make sure the proposals presented to you are written down and not just verbal. Make sure they send it to you via email so that you have it saved.

Today's horoscope shows that they are people around you that will be a negative influence, as your necessities don't concern them. Just remember what they have done to you in the past, and what they could do again.

Those who have court cases ahead, concerning work or anything about money, will get positive news.


Make sure this Tuesday is full of humour, my dear Aries. Do you know smiling also burns calories? Then put on a good comedy and enjoy the film!

However, do not sit there munching away at popcorn or any drinks full of sugar, as it will affect your health.

Some of you Aries cannot sit still, as you are impulsive and need to keep moving. Find a way to burn energy so that you can also relax.