Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A lot of fun and a lot of movement is foreseen, which will be inversely proportional to the fights and discussions, as they will be minimized.

On this Friday in January, many single Aries natives will be thrilled with a new look that crosses their path.

They will find a voice that will make their skin stand up, and they will regain an illusion they haven't experienced in a long time, perhaps years.

In the case of those in relationships, yes, you will dream of novelty, with the change in your married life. You want movement and dynamism, and you want to break the anchorages.

Try to communicate this tiredness to your spouse, and with tact, you will be able to look for solutions to this delicate situation. You are also surprised by the alternatives they propose to you.


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You will be forced to administer your budget more rigorously than usual, and that deeply displeases you.

You believe that at your age your economy should already be free, and not be accountable to anyone or anything, but do not forget that the bills have to be paid.

And that talking more on the phone, or having the television on all day, causes the bills to go up and up.

Everything has a good side, Aries, and if you tighten your belt you'll avoid problems, especially with cash.


Do you notice pain in your knees during this day? Perhaps you're not walking as well as you thought.

If you don't distribute the weight load evenly while walking (for example, if you wear stylish but uncomfortable shoes) the central cartilage of the knee could suffer additional wear and tear.

Consult your doctor, and a stabilizing knee brace, sold in pharmacies, can soothe your ailment.

For food, the stars recommend that you eat a diet rich in protein today, while reducing the intake of fat and alcohol.

For example, you can make yourself some generous skewers of veal or lamb, or make a good baked fish, cooked on aluminum foil, on a bed of aromatic herbs.