Aries Daily Horoscope |




Mars is in a good position in your sky, and this with help you wake your needs in love. You want to love and feel loved, independently from being in a relationship or not.

Your desires have firm objectives, as dispersion represents matureness and being responsible. You are a great person to be with!

You have a serious background and have promised yourself to be mature. Those lovers of one nightstand are fun but deep down you know that you really want to wake up every morning next to the same person.

Some young couples will put their ideas on the table about moving in together. Start by sleeping over at one another's for a couple of days; as it is only you who know if you are ready to take this big step forward or not. Don't accept the proposition is you aren't sure!


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The star's dominance upon you will show your dominant and possessive side, as you are a box full of surprises.

You are jealous, even though sometimes you aren't really sure about what. As a consequence, you will cause conflicts at work, especially between you and your competition. It won't end well.

Due to this, do your best my dear Aries, to listen to other people's opinion and keep your snide comments to yourself. Even though you don't agree, doesn't mean you have to create uncomfortable situations at work.

At least at home everything seems stable as you haven't suffered any issues with your finances.



Have you been good this weekend in terms of health and future plans? Have you avoided temptations?

Then this means that today you will seem quite flexible in terms of hunger. Are you hungry or bored? Anyway, eat a little treat but don't overdo it. Be strong.

The stars show problems related to your body hair, as you dye it with aggressive dyes. If you use laser treatment, maybe there are some spots on your body that you'd rather shave due to the pain it causes.