Magical Horoscope 7
Aries Daily Horoscope |




Planet Mercury will make you more idealistic than ever, wrapped in a layer of optimism with which you can give much of yourself, and of course, the best part of you is still to be discovered.

To make your partner happy or your family, you will be able to make any sacrifice, paying close attention to possible material needs, but also of affection. Affection is fundamental in life.

You will be very affectionate, you will say I love you with a very interesting facility (since sometimes you do not say this out of shame) and you will manifest with pride to have a true complicity with the love of your life.

For the single Aries, the Magical Horoscope will be favourable and will promise some exciting and spontaneous situation, in a sensual and tender day and in which a past romance will knock on your door again.

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Invest time and wisdom in your work, thinking only of the money you want and try to knead to give yourself a whim.

Do not be condescending, and if you think that the tasks you have assigned are below your intellectual abilities beware of the sin of pride.

Your good development will be rewarded to a large extent by the offer of a job or a more creative position, more pleasant from your point of view.

This day is also ideal to fill your city with resumes if you are unemployed. Have you thought about making an appointment with a counsellor to see what you are failing in and why you cannot find work?


You'll be fine, that's the first thing you should know; but Jupiter points out that on this day you will get a scare of some kind that will make you see life with glasses of another colour. Open up your eyes to reality.

Perhaps an imprudence of yours puts you in an instant risk and that makes you open your eyes more from now on, or a fall down the street that will help you understand why you do not have to walk looking at your mobile.

In short, your perspective will change, and it will be for the better.

If you are taking allergy pills, you can owe that sleepy feeling that accompanies you like a shadow. But to be more savvy do not abuse the coffee, because your stomach could end up getting irritated.