Aries Daily Horoscope for January 20

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To have the belief that a couple will make us happy every minute of the 24 hours of the day is a big mistake, Aries, although lately you think it should be.

You are two independent people and it is lawful, even necessary, that sometimes you get on each other's nerves, or even, that some injury occurs if the cauldron is burning.

Yes, that in the fairy tales that your parents told you everything was happiness, but you know that they were unrealistic stories, and that in real life there are no dragons or fairies, nor princes walk around houses finding a woman to marry.

You focus on the love you give yourselves, and think that offenses will be inevitable; if you accept this when it happens it will not be an irreversible pain.

And even think how much fun it can be to reconcile.


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Since it's Sunday, it's very possible that many of the Aries natives have the day off, without having to go to work.

And if so, the stars invite you to leave your mobile phone off, to be completely free of occupations.

Maybe something unexpected happens and someone from your company wants to contact you, but the world will continue to turn around in case you're not accessible, won't it?

Also, if the gravity were extreme, they will already take care of finding you, or they will look for another person as valid as you to solve the mess that occurs (if it happens).


This Sunday there will be a good generalized tonic for Aries, and those who have suffered an injury will notice an improvement (we're talking about an evolution, not a miracle that makes you go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes).

Also, there will be a special connection with that inner child that still lives in you, and that sometimes you mute believing that because of your age and lifestyle there are licenses that you cannot afford.

The foam baths will be comforting on this day, and even more so if you decorate the room with candles scented with roses, and you pour essential oils into the water.