Aries Daily Horoscope |




Mars will rule your Monday, and as a good God of War that he is, he will make you get up with the ax in your hand, willing that no one beats you, and that you can achieve your goals.

On the one hand, it is time for you to name what you are living with a person with whom you have had more than one or two so-called dates. Are you a couple, or how could you define it?

Alert: the other party might be scared, yes, but in that case put a ring on it so that it runs away from your heart. You do not have 15 years to play high school sweethearts in which the partridge dies day in and day out.

In your partner, the waters will stabilize if there have been revolts, but you will have to work to make it so; the stars will not make it easy for you.

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You want money and wealth to improve your situation, to have the world at your feet, with a huge desire since you put your feet on the ground to wake up. Daydreaming comes with consequences.

You yourself will feel surprised and excited about your impetus, but it is also true that it was time to start a week with the desire at a decent level.

As if that were not enough, your desire to be a perfect Aries can make you a person too rigid, and it would be good to play with flexibility and spontaneity because they will allow you to face problems and unforeseen events more easily.


As a good start to the week, you will be full of good intentions, to take care of your diet and not skip it at all.

But you will be weak Aries, and you will end up falling into sin. However, remember to be moderate. For example, if you give up on the diet, it is not the same to peck a bit to calm down the desire to have lunch and dinner junk food.

And you will not control the quantities well, and you may end up with indigestion! Fill the stomach before sight.

You will be able to contract medical services that promise to improve your physical appearance, with innovative techniques that are not very polished. Better wait a bit, because your economy will also thank you.