Aries Daily Horoscope |




Passion is a weakness for the native of Aries, regardless of whether you if you have a partner or are single and free like birds that fly through the sky.

Sexual relations will leave you with a rather bitter taste, as there will be something that under your perception fails like the spark does not just jump and the fireworks will shine in your sky only at half gas.

This will fill you with insecurities, you will not know if the problem is you, or if it is the other person's fault as they just don’t move nor turn you on.

Before you make an appointment with a couple of therapists or a sex therapist, wait for a few days and let Venus be powerful again on your sky as she does wonders.

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Envy will have a somewhat exorbitant protagonism during this Sunday of April since you will want to imitate the life train of those around you.

Have the same as them, or something better if possible, just to be able to show off and cause the admiration of those around you, even those who do not know you.

This has a consequence, and that is that your savings seem to evaporate, and in the end, you will end up regretting it.

Do not buy a ticket for a life train that does not fit your reality, and do not compare yourself so much with your neighbor or your best friend. It may work for some but not for everybody.

That your vehicle is of average series and that your vacations take place in a nearby town instead of a cruise in Europe does not mean that you are better or even worse.


Uranus, which seems to be a planet quite favorable for you, can push you to live without taking into account your limits.

When you live a situation that generates more stress than expected, count to 10 or 20 before acting, breathe deeply, which is not a matter of regretting later.

Above all, you can feel unprotected by your friends, noting that they do not pay so much attention to you and that they fill other people who have just arrived in your immediate circle with attention.

The dream will not be too restful, but if you keep awake, discard putting yourself to look at the mobile until Morfeo embraces you again.