Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Although your zodiac sign is represented by a ram, this Saturday you will be a true jungle lion.

Above all, with that candid soul that dares to make any kind of value judgment on your love, or even on your family.

You will not tolerate anyone telling you what to change, and you may be dominated by a great genius, causing confrontations with friends or acquaintances who allegedly only wanted to do good, giving you an opinion that no one had asked them.

At least, within the walls of your home, peace will reign, and you will even know some news that will cause you quite a lot of joy.

Maybe one of your children has achieved the job they were fighting for, or even that the family is going to get bigger with the arrival of a new member.


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In your workcertain circumstances are going to become harsher, more difficult, but this will only manage to pull a smile and motivate you more to move forward.

You will no longer be able to be so distracted, as you would like to do since the weekend has arrived. You will have to put on your hero suit and fight for things to be done well.

If you face the challenges of the future with confidence, you will have the opportunity to make significant progress in your economy.

And who knows if you'll be able to start saving for that vacation you're considering.


The back or neck pains you suffer can sometimes be linked to excessive use of your mobile phone.

Have you thought about how you bend your posture when reading on this device, on which we are increasingly dependent?

During this day make a challenge: leave your phone at home, forget about it completely without excuses. And look further ahead, and talk to those in front of you.

Don't worry, if something important should happen, they'll take care of locating you! The world won't end because you don't have your phone with you!

Also, this will allow you to check how attached you are to it, which will be quite interesting. Especially if you then act accordingly.