Magical Horoscope 7
Aries Daily Horoscope |




An ancestral saying says that three are a crowd, but in your relationship, you think you are more than two, and the truth is that you will not feel bad about the idea.

Who said that love has to be given from A to B and from B to A, without being able to pass through C or any other point? It is your choice after all!

Venus protects you so that the changes you experience in your romance make you stronger, trust yourself more and discover your enormous capacity to love, that sometimes you forget your own value.

The concept of fidelity cannot be defined by a dictionary, each couple is a world, affective or sexual exclusivity is conditioned to values ??of the past, and nobody and nothing should have an opinion if your thought changes to a more liberal one.

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On this day you will find potholes in your work environment, but you should check how certain aspects are before complaining.

Maybe that stone that is put in your way will surround you and it might not affect you in any way, or maybe you can wriggle out and let someone else fix the mess. Is it your responsibility, directly, that things are the way they are?

The most certain thing is that the answer is negative, even if there are manipulative people who have made you think that this is the case.

Find who owes you money, because the other party wants to settle accounts and be at peace with you; nevertheless, he will know how to play the fool very well in case the matter could be postponed a few more days.


It will be interesting for your well-being to do a little swimming. Take time for yourself to reconnect with your body, even if it is only once a week! And what better than this Thursday to start, now that the penultimate week of the month is at its equator!

Swimming relieves back pains, tones the muscles and will allow you to show off a better type in your next vacations, which are getting closer and closer.

Include some new foods in your diet, such as vegetables and fruits that you have never bought. Your palate will hallucinate with textures and flavors that I had never experienced