Aries Daily Horoscope |



This Sunday there will not be who dares to bother you, because your mood will be quite irascible, and your partner will not have much intention to chat lovingly with you or anything like that.

And it is that, according to the current position of your sky, the most probable thing is that you will show a light, frivolous and superficial behavior.

The consequence, Aries? Well, that you can ruin a good understanding of the people who love you. Your partner, your children, your parents.

You will not see beyond your nose, and that same selfishness can cause, through negligence, you can hurt your spouse.

Or if you are seeing someone fleetingly, misunderstandings could also arise, because of a badly expressed thought.


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This Sunday you will have little or no news regarding your economy. And that debt that a friend was going to settle with you, for the moment, is still pending.

You should not be ashamed to ask for what you deserve, that money you lent to an acquaintance, although it is still more difficult to locate than you expected.

Maybe they've changed their telephone number, or directly, they've blocked you from their contacts because they're a cowardly person incapable of showing their face.

Soon, in a matter of weeks, and thanks to the positive aspects of several planets, you will enter a favorable period to make investments.

In particular, it will be an interesting time if you want to buy works of art such as sculptures or paintings to trade, or even antique furniture.


Planet Venus unfolds its power in front of you, which is very beneficial not only for love, but also for health.

And if you wish, you can take advantage of its influence to get in shape, especially if you are coming out of a stressful or exhausting streak.

Those struggling with a chronic illness will experience improvement, or even receive information about a new treatment that will alleviate them.

Anyway, control gluttony and the excessive desire for chocolate that will take over your being in some moments, more than you could imagine. Don't give up and don't fall into temptation!