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The gray color will dye what until yesterday was pink in your life, because your cheerful and jovial spirit seems to have gone on holiday without warning.

Your partner may resent this, as they will not understand the change of attitude, which is simply fleeting, but that still does not know.

Also, there will not be much desire to clarify what goes through your crazy head, because silence is the only thing you want to offer today to the world.

As long as it's a punctual episode, it's okay, but tomorrow when you wake up you can start to analyze how to compensate for this stumble.

If you're single, continue to have conversations with the person you're getting to know right now.

There's more in common than you both imagine, although this doesn't always have to be good.


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For those natives of Aries who have finished a love story and have to sign a divorce decree, the stars recommend analyzing well what they want.

Because you still lose by neglect, by wanting not to argue, and in the end you will end up regretting if you have to spend more money than you think you should, or on the contrary, that you do not charge what you deserve.

In that sense, Jupiter will help you communicate so that you don't lose out but control your ambition.

These same astral councils are valid for whoever is dissolving a company, or making a distribution of assets within an inheritance.


It is often thought that the food in diets is boring, and that on the menu there is only grilled meat or fish and boiled vegetables.

How about having a good time today cooking some healthy but fun recipes?

Play with the oven to make garnishes of vegetables, and give a special flavor to your dishes using spices unusual in your day to day.

In fact, there are many with very interesting values such as turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and also helps control blood sugar.

Turmeric cauliflower, for example, is delicious and will help you take care of yourself!