Aries Daily Horoscope for April 25

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Someone will approach you for allegedly loving purposes, my dear Aries, with clear intention of conquering you as soon as possible.

You will have doubts about his or her intentions, and you will not know to what extent their proposals are serious, or if you should let yourself get carried away or not.

In most cases, Magic Horoscope recommends caution, because that movement of cards hides some hidden interests, perhaps related to economy, or with a nasty bet that leaves a sour feeling in your mouth.

So you better go thinking how to escape from those arms that want to surround you; if your intentions are healthy, be clear that you will knock on their door again, and this time with a bouquet of flowers between your hands, showing you are willing to give more to the relationship.

For couples, active listening is recommended, in order to understand why your other half has acted in a way that shocked you enough, because everything in this life has an explanation if we really want to listen to it.

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To speak badly of your co-workers can be something very easy, especially, if someone pulls us by the tongue so that we release poison. Be aware of how you say things before offending anyone.

The stars, however, recommend you to be very careful and not to say things in a mean manner to anybody you are close to.

And it is that some bad words can be taken out of the pot and cause indiscriminate dismissals, as falling out over spilt milk isn’t the answer in life.

A breakdown with the car could trigger a significant expense; warned you stay about it.


You already have your mind set on the weekend, where you're going to go out, with whom you'll meet to have a few drinks.

As you know in advance that you will commit some excesses, it would be optimal that on this Thursday you will see more for your health, to compensate.

That your diet was especially healthy and low in calories if on Friday or Saturday you are going to have a good binge, and that you would like to drink alcohol if there is a scheduled evening for the best wines.

Life is short, you never know what will happen tomorrow.