Aries Daily Horoscope for January 25

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Planet Uranus is really considering you, almost spoiling you, in the matters of love, and this Friday the couples who are already together are going to strengthen their union through small steps that will take without effort.

And if you are beginning a relationship, the foundations you are laying will become more solid and strong, and you will be able to continue building upon them sooner rather than later.

In the same way, those who are single will be favored for union projects, but don't commit to the first person who you see.

So try to discern who really interests you from all the people who show interest in you, who will be more than one and two.

And try not to ruin your chances by showing off vanity, or even pride!


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The way your sky is made up, the financial balance of your accounts doesn't have to be a sleep-depriving problem.

All you have to do is be sensible, and don't shop beyond your means (beware of new technologies, and buy them through mobile applications or the computer, which can go a long way).

Be careful also when talking about business and reputation, because you could offend or despise someone who knows how to open doors for you.

This doesn't mean you have to be complimentary for free, just don't criticize for the pleasure of not being silent.


This day is good for you to put in order your health agenda, reviewing your next medical appointments, as well as for you to file well all the documents related to your well-being: analysis, x-rays...

If you decide to give a relaxing atmosphere to your house through aromatic candles, worry about their composition.

Sometimes the quality of the candles is not good enough and if you are a person with respiratory allergies their smoke could hurt you.

And of course, be careful when lighting the flames, you only need to burn a finger!