Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You can keep your cauldron, crystall ball and voodoo doll in a safe place as you won´t need to cast any spells as the stars are smiling down on you today, especially in terms of love and the journey you take. You will feel the sweetness of love if you try hard for it to flourish!

It is the perfect day to fall in love, even if you have already got a partner. You will feel those butterflies that you used to feel at the beginning of the relationship, as the sensations are making you all loved up again! Make sure you make time for your partner!

It will be a beautiful journey that you both go on together, as you will enjoy the company. Relive those experiences you have together, organize a roomantic meal and be creative. Nobody likes routines!

If you are single, don´t think that you have been left behind as there is also a prediction for you. The heart that you want will play hard to get, which means that you need to double your efforts.


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In terms of economy, there will be ups and downs. Mercury will shine upon you as it will be a difficult day to overcome. You will have to take some serious measures and decisions if you are a superior.

Make sure to do things sensibly, without favours and will a cool head. Don´t let yourself get influenced by rumors or prejudices.

Dialogue will be the best tool to clarify things out, helping you take decisions peacefully. The stars will guide you at all times.

You may go a little overboard with expenses when you go out on a shopping spree. You don´t need to buy things just for the sake of it! Be careful!



Today is expected to be aseptic in matters of health, and there will be no steps forwards nor any steps back. You will be just as you were.

If your physical condition is good, you won´t care much about it but you may despair if you getting a little too carried away with treatments, as you were expecting a better result. Be patient as these things don´t work overnight. Be patient, my dear Aries.

Most Aries will feel a little fatigued and tired, maybe because of the time of year it is, in between two seasons. This won´t affect your health.