Aries Daily Horoscope |




Your love environment isn't letting any new planets into your life on this Monday, 26th of August. This makes up think that your life, on general terms, won't have any setbacks.

Fortunately, some of you Aries will benefit from the help of Venus.

This goddess will protect you from love and its mean side, as you need to establish healthy and positive relationships in which you and your partner enjoy.

For those single Aries, today will be quite stimulating and creative, as your world comes to an end and you will be at home watching the TV. Try to enjoy life, and seize the moment! Life brings happiness, and dates make your dreams come true!



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Your week starts off a bit all over the place. You pretend to be busy, that your obligations seem to multiply by the minute and that you are the only person that works on this planet. Others won't understand you, as they aren't able to step into your shoes.

You do have obligations, but less than you play out, my dear Aries.

Splash some water on your face and wake up to reality. Make the most of each moment that life gives you. Think about what you have ahead rather than playing it by day. Time flies by and before you know it, you won't have anything done.

Time is priceless, and is worth much more than you could ever imagine. Time is essential to us, as we have so much to do, and very little time.

In terms of your domestic economy, you seem to be quite meticulous, as you are easily charmed by the snake and end up buying products that you don't need.



First, the good news. Your health issues will get much better, especially when they concern your body waist down. Those spasms and sharp pains shooting up and down your leg, due to varicose veins or a sprained knee. Mercury is here to help your body cure once and for all.

On the other side of the scale, your capacity to keep your anxiety under control isn't one of your virtues, as it is hard for you to keep an eye on your mind and it's health.

Don't take it out on others or on food. Just because you feel down doesn't mean you can eat as if there is no tomorrow.