Aries Daily Horoscope for April 28

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Your friends and family will give you great support if you are experiencing an emotional blip, such as a separation after years of fervent love.

You will feel good in that sense, and you will notice that although Cupid looks the other way sometimes, there are those who will never leave your side, no matter what happens.

For well-matched couples, the weather this Sunday will be quite good, although you may lack time to enjoy together.

Obligations with children, or with work if on this day you do not have to rest, can even take out your dark side, full of bad temper.

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There is no doubt that you deserve a good holiday, but if you are not going to plan it by yourself you will only find many obstacles around you, one known as laziness.

Some traveling companions will not want to spend much, others will put on a scene saying that they fear planes, or their unwillingness to share accommodation.

Luckily, your patience will be infinite, and you will know how to find a middle ground so that everyone ends up happier rather than angry.

Something bad to add to all this? Unfortunately, yes, and it is that the budget you had assigned to them will be triggered.

So now that May comes, austerity should become the queen of your home, as the belt will be fastened in more holes than you would have liked.

Do not get overwhelmed anyway, you will know how to manage them and with small budgets you can do great things.


Ocular health can give you some war with the appearance of a stye, although it is not to worry as they come and go quickly.

Of course, to treat it you use appropriate medications, distrust superstitions such as having to pass an old coin through the eye, or even a dead insect. Let's see if the remedy is worse than the disease!

Take advantage if you have a good day to go out to the street to walk for a while and that the Sun tops up your energy levels with its rays, and keeps away the bad vibrations that you could have captured.

For your Monday to start tomorrow with great force, it is best to go to bed soon.