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Although sometimes the stars invite you to tell your partner everything that goes through your head, today Neptune invites you to be prudent within your frankness.

Dialogue is the way to happiness, all right, but it doesn't mean you have to give them all the details of what you do, who you talk to or where you walk.

It is necessary that you protect your secret garden, that personal plot that you only show to who you want and when you feel like it.

The atmosphere of your loves will relax in a spontaneous and carefree joy if you are single, and in the distance you will find the greatest happiness.

Perhaps you have a person who attracts you and lives in another town, another city? then take your car and pay it a surprise visit!


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If you have planned to make a big purchase, maybe today could be the day to make this dream come true (as long as there are no delays in the payroll and you've collected it, that we're at the end of the month).

Still waiting to get paid? Don't suffer, you will be able to make the purchase mentioned, because Pluto is doing its part, and will inspire some people, especially your closest relatives, to offer you some form of financial assistance.

It can happen that in your work the delay of payment of wages is a constant, and in that case, do not be afraid to question other options, to turn the wheel.

Hitting your boss's table will increase your credibility, and new opportunities unfold before you.


If your friends are happy sportspeople, why don't you join them this Thursday?

You'll spend time with a loved one, your bonds will become stronger, and your perception of physical activity as boring will change.

Plus, your health will win, so you want more! Don't be rigid, let yourself be carried away, and go with a colleague to run in the countryside, or perhaps to skate in a mall where you can breathe pure air.

Don't obsess about being perfect, especially if it's your first day; progress should be made little by little.