Aries Daily Horoscope |



Can idolatry and love be confused? And yes, and you will see it personally on this last Monday in January.

Because the fascination that will awaken a person who recently entered your life will make you rethink many things.

The key is not to mix love and affection with other feelings like fascination.

Because you will end up in a mess, and making decisions that may not be what your heart would want.


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On this day it will be time to update those small accounts you have with friends and family, which are being postponed unnecessarily, Aries.

Pay those coffees that you owe, or if you have bought lotteries halfway with another person, pay half of the ticket (that then, if it is the winning number, perhaps you regret).

On the other hand, try to better control your use of time, because you have the vice of postponing your obligations too easily, almost as if it were a natural gift.

That vice of procrastinating (and that you look for guilty people such as social networks, or the fact of being a person much sought after by friends and co-workers) does not spend all the time you deserve at home.

So today, hurry the hours, to see if when the siren sounds that marks the end of the day you can put your feet in dusty.


This day your body will not be in perfect condition, although it does not mean that you will have to stay in bed with the thermometer in your mouth and the water bag on your forehead.

So control your energies, manage the strength in you well, and don't embark on projects and obligations that you may be overtaken by from one moment to the next.

And if, in an exceptional way (although you shouldn't) today you are going to take some medicine that you have at home for some ailment, watch very much the expiration date.

In fact, even if it is still in date, if it has a lot of time, pay attention that the medicine is still on the market, because they have withdrawn it because it did not meet some standards.