Aries Daily Horoscope |




Resentment will resurface as your relationship isn't going quite well. It is getting toxic and you wish that things would change drastically. You wish that your ex-partner has bad experiences, as they once wished you a once upon a time, and broke up with you for no reason.

Calm down, my dear Aries, as you need to get rid of this negative energy around you, such as resentment. You need to turn over the page and start a new chapter.

Think about it; is it worth spending time hating others when you can learn to love once again? Don't waste your time on people that aren't worth it.

Those who are in a relationship will be living a routine that may be quite boring. Why don't you try new things and experiment together? Try and feel new sensations.

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You have become a slave to your words. If you say something, you need to see it through. This may affect your economy and many projects need investing.

Magic Horoscope wants you to be careful and don't accept too many things at once of you will stress about not having enough time to fulfill them all. Others will try to criticize you so ignore them.

Avoid telling others about your future projects. This way, they won't have anything to criticize. Keep to yourself.

Other than this, you can be calm as Magic Horoscope doesn't see any serious issues coming your way.


Pluto's position in your sky means that you will be optimistic. Today may seem quite boring but it is up to you to change this around.

When you are bored, why don't you get up and do some sport? Go for a nice long walk to reconnect with nature or go to classes that take place outside. Breathe in the fresh air on a Sunday!

Have a nice bath to finish off your weekend as it will make you feel relaxed and ready for the week ahead.