Aries Daily Horoscope for April 29

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Being discreet will be considered a rising value throughout this Monday, especially if you want your loved one to be known and seen by everyone.

Maybe this is because you have another open front and it is public domain, or because you are the third vertex in a love triangle.

For this reason, Magic Horoscope recommends taking care of the photographs that you share through your mobile phone or that you upload to social networks.

In the same way, you could give it courage and do just the opposite: admit that your heart is busy, and then let what happens have to happen.

For traditional couples, the stars notice signs of fatigue, and unimportant discussions about the distribution of domestic and family tasks, such as who should pick up the children or who should go shopping.

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The beginning of the week will be full of moments in which you will want the Earth to swallow you as if you were walking through shifting sands; frankly, and you just want to hide from reality.

Your life as a worker will not have good vibes: as there are misunderstandings with superiors, communication difficulties, suspicions that there is a traitor near you who notices every step you take...

It will be necessary to make extraordinary efforts to evacuate these tensions and be able to focus on the tasks that correspond to you.

Otherwise, their employment situation, and therefore economic, could be seriously destabilized.


When it comes to controlling your health be careful with the way you see yourself, as Uranus will lead you to think that you are better than you think. You need both feet on the ground and see reality rather living on a cloud.

Before packing your suitcase with sporting things and going to the gym to work out hard, reflect a little because the last thing you need is an injury.

Those who have blood glucose problems control their blood glucose levels well to avoid unpleasant surprises.

And to control the temptation to eat certain foods that you should not, those that are completely forbidden for people with diabetes (although, perhaps because of that same prohibition, you have the feeling that they know much better, right?).