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Aries Daily Horoscope for December 29

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Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Love escapes between your fingers as if it were water. There is something that you are not doing right, Aries, and it's you who is to blame, not your partner.

You will feel far away from the person you love (whether or not you have a steady relationship with them) and you will notice that whoever you wish to have by your side is elusive and will not be easily hunted.

Don't give up, okay? Stop complaining and give everything you have if you want to feel warmness on your soul.

Perseverance always ends up bearing successful results. However, be sure that there are limits that cannot be overstepped.


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You must learn to value your way of earning a living, that company or that project that allows you to generate income in your bank account.

Also, if you do it in a disinterested way and you don't expect anything in exchange, good for you.

What you sow now will have their rewards in an imminent future.

Also, many eyes that you don't perceive are on you, observing the little details and gestures, which can help you stay on the boat longer than you might imagine.

On the other hand, the stars point out that you won't pay as much attention to money as you should, and you won't care too much about the money you own in your wallet.


Your path of well-being will be full of stones that will guide you to reach the safest summit for you, the one that will protect you from all evil.

Certainly your intuition is very sharp, because the Moon illuminates your spirituality, and you will not be manipulated by any toxic person.

Also, the cosmos puts bandages and ointment on the wounds of the past that still sting in your heart, and that can be reopened when you remember a song, a photograph, a restaurant.

Be rather prudent when doing sport, especially if you are not used to it, since you could suffer a sprain or any other type of injury, or at least, that is how the interpretation of your sky is understood.