Aries Daily Horoscope |



You're one of those people who doesn't get alerted until they see the wolf's ears. And about your partner you think that, if there are no complaints out loud, everything is a fairy tale.

Oh, how wrong you are, as your sky this Tuesday describes, Aries.

In your current relationship there is a crack that you prefer not to see, and you even try to put other nice details in front of it instead of working to fix it.

You should also think about seeing a couple therapist, who will teach you how to improve your existing relationship.

When everything is broken, little or nothing can be done by a specialist, by the stars or by yourself.


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Sponsored by the support of the Sun, you will be anxious to see the efforts you make reflected in your bank accounts, and likewise, you expect them to be recognized.

And they will be, though not in the degree you were expecting. Take this as a slap on the back to continue the battle.

If you have bad relationships with co-workers, try to put yourself in their place.

Surely they suffer too, and are just as uncomfortable as you are with the unfolding of events.

If you want to be happy, try to put down your sword and do what you can so that those next to you are happy too. Don't act proudly, okay?


Don't assume that you know everything about your body's well-being, because your perception of health is very subjective.

Pay attention to how each part of it works, listen to your inner voice, because you are neither as sick as you claim, nor as healthy as you presume.

Spend as much time as you can today in activities that will fill you with happiness, and above all, that you haven't practiced for months.

From playing that musical instrument that you have so abandoned (and that relaxes your sound so much) to go to the cinema with a good pack of popcorn.

Surely you can organize your day to have a few free hours.