Aries Daily Horoscope for June 29

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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There will be some tension between you and your partner, especially in the early hours of the morning, as the weekend approaches.

It is true that you sometimes try and force your superior nature among them, but you aren't always right and you need to know when to back down and apologize. Nobody owns the other, as you both are different people who complement each other.

Venus believes that you shouldn't push your partner to the limit, or you will see your relationship slowly fall apart into a thousand pieces and it won't be repairable.

For those single, there will be loads of great opportunities coming your way as love never ends. But, lying in bed all day won't help as Cupid doesn't come knocking at your door. Get up and do your best!

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You seem to be making fun of others due to Mercury's position in your sky, which may make you play the wrong cards and end up risking much more than you had originally planned. Don't play with money as it is easy to lose.

When others tell you about figures and numbers you will stress out and you aren't retaining the information. You know they are talking about money but you don't know if it is well paid or not. Try and ask discrete questions just to verify the information.

Thank god there are nice people around you, who want to help you grow as a person. They will make sure others don't try and con you with fake businesses. 



It is time to think about your beauty care. Do you use any sort of cream to stop wrinkles and anti-aging? What about the bags under your eyes?

You need to be constant and use these creams every day for the effects to be efficient. Remember, direct sunlight isn't always good for your skin and vitamin D will age you more than you expected.

Make sure to look after your legs, and keep an eye out for varicose veins as they can be painful or harm your blood circulation. If you have any doubts you can always ask your doctor. To avoid them, keep your legs high and raised up so that your blood flows smoothly.