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Because of fairy tales we have all thought that life will come to a person who will give meaning to our day to day and that when we wake up next to them the birds will sing around us.

Oh, damn children's stories, how much damage they have done to society!

Today the stars demand that you stop thinking of a romantic ideal person in love, and analyze what your real situation is.

You don't have to give in to actions and desires that you don't like, Aries, learn to deny yourself, and don't be afraid of independence, whether you're single or in a relationship.

Even if you are with someone in your life, demand that intimate and personal facet, and without any delay.


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If you have several options to make money, choose the ones that have a more technological scope, Aries.

This is recommended by the Magic Horoscope, which considers that you should focus on technologies and computers in general if you have the chance.

The January slope also rises in in front of you, so it's time to make a few sacrifices for your economy.

Maybe it's not time to think so much about the holidays, but the security that we can pay the bills and buy what you really need, like food.


In general, you will have agility, and mentally you will be docile (something interesting if you are doing some kind of training because you will absorb knowledge as if you were a sponge).

And you're wondering when the bad part comes, aren't you? Well, for this day the stars don't see anything really bad concerning your health.

But uncomfortable. And it could be related to your voice, since you are sensitive to losing it (something fatal in certain professions such as teachers, commercials or journalists).

To find an economical and natural solution, boil pine yolks (which you can find in any herbalist's shop) and let them rest for ten minutes.

Strain the liquid, sweeten it with honey if you please and drink it in small sips.

You'll soon see your throat return to its natural state!