Aries Daily Horoscope |



The starring role this Sunday will be Aries who are single, no doubt about it. Because the Magic Horoscope points out how there will be flattering conquests everywhere.

Of course, if you get the heart of a beautiful, wealthy person, you may awaken misgivings from the most envious, who will want to put a rope around your neck.

But let fear not make you angry, and if you notice that Cupid throws you an arrow and makes you believe in love at first sight, let nothing or no one stop you.

In particular, love will be in the air in places where culture has an important weight, such as an exhibition, a showroom, a theatre or even a cinema.

You don't expect to have bad fortune in love if you have a partner, do you? Because the stars also predict for you a good closing of the week, which might be better if you surprise your partner with a spa session and a dinner at their favorite restaurant.


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Put the brakes on, because you're going to have intentions of living beyond your means, showing off money and luxury that doesn't belong to you.

This will be due to the harmful influences of Uranus, but you will always have the last word!

Avoid wealthy but darkly financed friendships, so as to avoid scandals or even bankruptcy.

Don't believe that everything that shines around you is gold, leave naivety in the underworld.


Thanks to the energizing influence of Pluto you will have a good day, in which possible back pains will remit, or if you have suffered some other type of ailment today it will only be a bad memory.

If you plan to walk a lot, either because you're going to hike, or because you're going out for a good walk, keep an eye on the health of your feet.

Use comfortable footwear, do not be convinced by the aesthetics, and also, trim well the nails of your fingers, to prevent them from becoming incarnate.

Finally, pay attention to muscle injuries if you practice a sport that could be described as violent, such as rugby.