Aries Daily Horoscope for October 3

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The atmosphere for Aries will be good. You think about the future and want to invest your time in plans that will help you relax and enjoy quality time with your partner. You don't want to be impulsive, so avoid any surprises coming your way.

To give your relationship a kick-start, why don't you be creative and find something special to do together? Your partner will be gobsmacked as they will love your ideas.

The stars have a magic effect on your smile. Everyone that looks at you will be hypnotized. You are dashing and others want to get to know you. Those single will benefit from this, and maybe might even find their other half. 



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There will be numerous questions concerning your financial state and stability. Ask from an appointment at your bank, with your accountant or whoever it concerns. You need to find quick solutions before it is too late. 

There are many advantages to this situation, as Jupiter will be by your side. It will take time to adapt to your new financial state, but you will feel much more relaxed as you don't have to worry about so many bills and payments.

Are you thinking about future holidays? Start looking at flights in advance, as it is always cheaper. The sooner you book the better, in case the prices rise, my dear Aries.



You aren't in shape, and today you feel it. Today you will have to do more physical activity than usual, and you are panting for air. You shouldn't feel so exhausted after moving your body.

Maybe it is time to think about exercising on a daily basis. Learn what your limits are and try to accomplish new goals.

If you feel tired, your body will show signs. You shouldn't just lay down and relax. Keep going and exercise more. You will get better every day, doing a little bit more than yesterday.

Helen A. Aspiras
Sorry, I was not able to read the previous horoscope 'cause just this morning the PLDT have fixed my Internet. Yes, you are right that I felt so exhausted every time I'm doing the house scores. Also, I was told by my attending Physician to do some exercises everyday 'due to over weight. However, I have been doing the walking (3 km back & forth) with my husband sometimes twice a week or thrice a week. God bless.