Aries Daily Horoscope for April 30

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Jealousy will be flying high like a kite throughout this Tuesday. What a disgusting way to send off the month!

And you will be the one who moves by envy, as you will see ugliness in gestures without paying any attention to your partner, who will give everything to the tremendous one, which you shouldn't.

The thing can be so striking that someone of your full confidence, a good friend, or perhaps a relative with more years than you, will attract your attention.

And they will tell you that you cannot go on like this in life, because it is not healthy, or ethical, and if you continue to feed the unsociable monster you have inside, tomorrow you will only gain scorn in the bitterest of loneliness.

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When you work putting love and all your efforts in what you do is noticed and much appreciated.

And today you will receive a pat on your back for having successfully completed some projects that were not easy, although you sometimes manage to make it appear that they do. Too bad it does not go hand in hand with a cousin, or a salary increase!

In today's society, creativity is a rising value, but reinventing what already exists and giving it a new use or focus is also a frankly interesting virtue.

If you are currently uncovering a business, do not hesitate to take elements from other companies that are already successful to give them your own style.

The comparisons are odious, of course, but you will succeed in giving it enough soul to make it seem totally new. Go ahead, my dear Aries!


The Sun has a very favorable light for your health, and indicates that it is time to do daring things (and also fun).

This will be the ideal time to try risky sports such as bungee jumping, which is perfect to release the accumulated adrenaline.

Or to try other activities such as paragliding, which allows you to fly through the sky as if you were a free bird.

As a warning, the stars invite you not to walk barefoot more than just and necessary, or you could suffer a blow or provoke a small wound or cut (unimportant).