Aries Daily Horoscope |




Within couples, one of you will have a bigger role than the other one, and it seems than you are the smaller. You feel that the situation is too hard for you, but never give up.

Analyse what you are supposed to give and whether you can or not try. Your heart is a machine that can work more or even less if you tell it to.

The key is your capacity to like others, share passions with your partner and talk about things that you both enjoy. This will help you both open up and share your secrets. You won't have to fake your feelings as you both adore each other.

Those single will suffer from love at first sight, as rushing things never end up well.

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To keep a decent size sum of money in your account, you need to be the queen or king of saving! Go to the cheapest shops to buy food, look out for special offers and discounts as even penny counts! Also, make sure to go to the cheapest petrol garage.

Nobody will tell you that you are doing things wrong, my dear Aries. But also, remember that we should never go against the law if we want to make some extra cash.

The stars are telling us not to be imprudent as the law will find out and come looking for you. The police will definitely give you a juicy fine.

At work, you seem to be quite comfortable as you are getting along quite well with your colleagues. Before you hardly even made eye contact and now you have conversations. Take advantage of your position and find decent allies.


Why don't you visit your doctor if you feel a slight pain in your ear? It is always best to prevent it from getting worse. It may be excessive wax that is irritating.

Also, remember that inside your ears is where our stability comes from, so you should have it in perfect condition.

Do you feel stressed? Why not try new remedies? Wear bright colours today as it will boost your self-esteem.

Blue transmits peace and tranquillity, and it will also help you fall asleep as it relaxes you. Turquoise, on the other hand, transmits the feeling of being lonely.