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Once again, Venus has a dominant air around you, as she tries to reveal some love issues concerning tying the knot. You try your best not to get overwhelmed but sometimes you feel a bit pressured. Talk to your partner, as I'm sure they will understand.

If you are single, you wish to love and be loved. Falling in love is an amazing feeling, but when you are heartbroken, you feel that there is nothing worth living for. Make sure you are prepared for a relationship just in case you get hurt.

Also, make sure you respect the desires of those around you. Love doesn't just concern you, but your partner too, my dear Aries.



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Your projects are personal, but are ready to be shown to the world. Maybe it is time to polish them and make your dream proposals come true! Have you ever considered opening up your own company?

At work, you are very concentrated and devoted to your job. You like things done right and perfection is one of your strengths. Planning is always a good thing, so talk to your superiors and let them know you are ready to help them if they need you.

Some Aries will end up investing elsewhere, maybe even abroad! Maybe you should start thinking about investing in safe properties or companies? The risk is exciting but you might end up losing a lot of money!



Conflicts among your parents and children might affect your well-being. This might not manifest straight away, but your self-esteem will be damaged. Make sure you either stay out of these matters, or find a quick solution to such problems.

You need inner peace in order for your body to fully function efficiently, my dear Aries. In addition, you are resistant to anyone trying to hurt your soul.

Look after yourself and your personal hygiene. Make sure to wash your food before eating it. Crops such as courgettes and potatoes bought from markets need to be cleaned before consumption.