Aries Daily Horoscope |



Under Jupiter's shield, your love and feelings will expand in size, letting your week be special.

You will ask yourself when is the best time to keep quiet and avoid telling your partner how you feel. The answer is never, make sure to tell them how you feel at all times. 

Remember that when it comes to the heart, comprehension and tolerance can make miracles happen. They may even awake a dead relationship! Giving each other a second opportunity might even be the answer, and your love will come alive once again!

If you are single, it is time to grow. Let the cold breeze brighten up your cheeks and fill your energy with positive vibes. If your path crosses with someone else's, it must be for a reason.

The first few minutes on a date are crucial, as you will see if the person is suitable for you or not. Happiness, laughter and feeling comfortable are good signs.

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The fact that Saturn isn't in the right position may cause payments to fall behind or even let extra expenses happen.

You will sometimes feel that you aren't worthy, but don't worry. Everyone can overcome their mistakes if you try your best. Patience makes perfect.

When you are calm, you will realize that you can think straight and you function better as a professional. Don't jump and take initiative without consulting with your bosses.

Avoid being too generous with others, as you have a big heart and others might try to take advantage of this. 


Your love, as well as good gourmet,  can be dangerous. You may have the hunger of a dog, which may cause you to overeat. Your eyes are bigger than your belly.

You need to stick to a low-calorie diet, but this doesn't mean you can't eat strong flavours. Why not add spices and herbs to your meals? It'll add flavour!

Don't forget to do some exercise in order to maintain your figure! Avoid your car and walk or cycle whenever you can!