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Happy endings are not necessarily sweet, they can also leave a taste on the palate that we could call bitter.

On this Friday, the first of the year, you may notice how a huge wall rises between your partner and your closest family.

A communication problem that can catch you in the middle, and even touch you the unpleasant situation of having to take part in one side or the other.

In the event that the quarrels arise within the same family, that which you have formed, with the support of Uranus, you have to know that an informal argument with their children today will address an underlying problem that has not manifested so far.


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Until now you've been used to managing your finances with inspiration, and be frank, Aries: those almost intuitive ways have repeatedly given you cold sweats.

So now is the time to seriously plan things, sensibly and coldly.

You have to do something with your expenses to better balance your budget, and tighten a little the belt around your hip because you have to get rid of some excesses and luxuries (although you still do not consider it as such).

At the very least, you can be sure that that legal matter you had pending (maybe the compensation of a dismissal, or a debt claimed) will be resolved very soon.


Be careful with the offers you find, whether in your traditional mailbox or the one you find in your email, which refer to operations and aesthetic interventions.

The purpose of advertising is to sell, as you well know, and create a need that we do not have.

And you, Aries, are a person susceptible today to want to change your physical appearance due to that constant bombardment that we receive everywhere.

Try to have more self-esteem, say nice and positive things in front of the mirror when you see your reflection, and love yourself a little more every day.

Because in order to make others happy and give them affection, we first have to give ourselves that love; the rest comes along.