Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This Friday will be sourer rather than sweet, as you won't be able to contain yourself when it comes to using aggressive words towards your partner.

This will make the atmosphere feel quite sad and as if a cloud is raining on you; making you feel damp and down in the dump.

So try and bite your tongue, avoid those spiteful comments that may end up causing your love life to explode. Be careful, keep this in mind or you will spend your whole day trying to fix the incident!

For those single, MagicHoroscope points out that it is time for you to take care of your appearance, as a date may be coming your way!

Besides, it won’t be you who makes the first move because the proposal will just fall at your feet, and it will be from someone who you feel a certain connection with.


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Today is a great day to increase your wealth, especially if you want a salary increase.

There is nothing preventing you from raising your payroll, although you will have to sensitize your manager so that your petition doesn’t get lost among the other paperwork.

Make sure the petition is made among a confidential environment, away from smirky grins. Have a little speech prepared and watch out for your non-verbal communication skills, take your hands out of your pockets!

If you prefer to improvise and you want to sort it out talking by the coffee machine on a quick break, you might as well leave it for another day.


A headache may be coming your way, but only because you find something out that you didn’t really want to hear.

Within your family, you may feel a sense of disappointment, and having to assimilate that a member of your family is doing something that goes against your principles.

Just ask yourself a question, are they happy living this? Are they acting according to the law? If both answers are yes, then maybe it should be you who tries to open up their eyes and see things from a different perspective.

You have no right to get in the middle of someone else’s life and tell them how to live it. Not everyone thinks the same way.