Aries Magic Horoscope 6
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Passionate love stories and wild nights are your strong feat, Aries. You're a volcano that could erupt at any given time, and whoever's close to you will be very happy about that.

You've delved into a delicious round to heal some wounds in your poor little heart, and now it beats with energy and liveliness once more. The skies give you the chance to bring your romantic endeavours into a long-term settlement, even if your story is still starting to brew.

Enjoy this day when the Magic Horoscope spreads your wings and pays you enough attention as to want to follow in your footsteps.

Use your charms while you can, to achieve top satisfaction depending on the choices your heart has made. Love is in the air.

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It's Saturday, and you should spend it wisely if you're off work. Enjoy your free time to get away from your phone and computer. Spend more time with your significant other or with your family, especially if there are elders around. You never know how long they'll still be there.

Stuck at work? Then you should know that professional connections are particularly harmonious; today you can go see that workmate you've had it rough with and fix your issues. You're more alike than you think, Aries.


The stars have pointed out your great passion before, and how you'll long to make a mess of your bed on this first Saturday of October. However, always use your head and use protection, avoiding any possible STDs. You need to do if for you and for your future bed partners.

It's never too bad an idea to ask for a doctor's appointment to get a standard checkup, to tell you everything's the way it should. While you're at it, work to fight the stigma on certain such illnesses.

As far as the rest is concerned, you're in for a pretty good day. You'll be ready to do things that would have been dreadful at some other point, such as rearranging the furniture in your living room or doing a clothing swap to jump into the next fashion season.