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If you are alone, do not hesitate at all to embark on adventures. It’s Saturday and your body knows it! But be careful, don’t mix love and friendship, and if any physical attraction comes your way, don’t take it seriously as if they were the love of your life.

However, in the case that you let yourself go with the flow, make sure to use protection when intimate relationships come your way.

The last thing you need is to face an unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. Take care of yourself and take care of the person in front of you!

For some of those who have partners, conjugal difficulties will increase due to some family conflicts, or even a bad intention of third parties as their own lives aren’t exciting enough and they interfere with others, trying to give their opinions which doesn’t matter to you.

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Your job will be influenced in general terms, and your old projects that you thought were no good, will rise within thin light and become extremely interesting.

However, it is your patience what will fail you, and could mix with your head if you don’t sort it out in time. The impatience to win will make you lose other things; things that you couldn’t even imagine!

At least, your financial situation won’t be at stake and you will be quite sensible when it comes to spending money.

Everything will be seen as a first necessity, so if you meet up with friends for lunch or do some kind of leisure activity will be frankly restrained.


You will have quite good health to start off with, without wasting energy, and also not lacking it either. Try and manage your forces of wisdom!

Yes, you are lacking appetite, because gluttony can be excessive at some times. Have you ever thought that sometimes your body has had enough food and doesn’t want anymore, before crossing the line?

This feeling doesn’t appear while there is food on your plate, but some time after you have finished your meal. While rushing to ingest everything, Bon appetite!

Of course, this Saturday make sure you chose to eat healthy snacks and food, such as fresh fish cooked in papillote, grilled vegetables or even pasta with a light sauce that you can make from scratch.