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Your partner is a bit picky today, as if the shoes they were wearing were a smaller number and they would pay for it with the rest of the universe.

And you, for mental health, you should let them alone for a while, without trying to change their way, because you will only add more oil to the fire that is already burning.

The same in that rarefied environment gives you for suspecting your partner, wanting to investigate what circumstances around them, and jealousy may be nailed to your back as a traitor dagger.

If you're single and want to dive the wide ocean, you'll find treasures of sunken ships or rare and beautiful pearls.

In order to do this, you first have to get enough air first, don't drown.


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Your professional integrity will shine this Sunday, because there will be many people who know you better and know how to value that potential that is not always on the front page.

What does this prove? Well, assistance and tenacity at work give results, and if you make an effort to defend the project that is really important for you, the one in which you have left your essence, you will get the financial support (or maybe logistical) that you need in the best possible conditions.

So if you need to make important business decisions that will affect your future in some way incidentally, now is the time to be inspired. Don't wait for the muses to visit, invoke them yourself!

You don't need to be more cautious than you should be today, Aries, you can relax; there will be days when you really need to tighten your belt.


With a complex mixture of interwoven positive and negative influences, good health can be predicted with some digestive discomfort, especially in the small intestine area.

In order to take care of it, opt for foods rich in magnesium (cereals, wholemeal bread or apples, among others) to dominate this potential pathology.

Your short-term memory will not be very agile (or accurate) so try to carry a notebook with you in which to write down important appointments as well as essential tasks, that will be your guide.