Aries Daily Horoscope |



Long-distance relationships will bring more sorrow than joy; even if you don't want to read this, this is how the Magic Horoscope predicts it.

Relationships in which the two hearts are separated by hundreds of miles will have to make an extra effort to connect.

There will be a lack of chemistry, and Aries, you may be the one who contributes less to communication, who is rather dry and with little desire for dialogue.

So that there are no wounds you need physical contact, palpation, hearing the breath of the one you love, and therefore, things will not go well for singles seeking companionship through social networks, or contact applications.

If you want to make a conquest, that is face to face, or with notes with your phone as in the old days, mixing Cupid with new technologies.


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This Wednesday won't be the time to take financial risks, no matter how much some people you trust influence you.

Admit that it would be silly, and that you risk making the wrong decisions, especially if you make especially expensive purchases, because of the damned temptation.

Consumerism will make you feel almost sick if you let go of a bargain you don't need, but you won't know how to resist seeing a lower price than usual.

At work there will be cordiality and you will be able to make peace with that companion with whom you had bigger words not so much ago, partly, because he caught you on a bad day, something that anyone can have.


You will have to control your strength, because you walk with a spirit of Samson quite powerful and could harm some of your loved ones in the banalest way.

As the weekend is getting closer and closer, how about diving on the Internet to see if you can find an offer that combines leisure and health?

You could go to a spa and relax until you are new, or perhaps a thermal circuit, which would be very good for your circulation if you suffer from problems of this type, or any derived from for example varicose veins.