Aries Magic Horoscope 7
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You're not okay at all with the clouds around your partner, and you'll swat them away with your own bare hands, no sweat involved.

You'll be strong enough to negotiate some rules or boundaries that dictated how your relationship has unfolded so far, and you'll see how your partner will do whatever it takes to please you. They want to make you happy at all costs.

Having your loved ones to back you up is a comfort as a single Aries. If you choose to stop looking for love, you'll consider things like having an affair with someone who's at a much more different age range. Open your eyes, it might be time to take things up a notch.

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Astral influences are good for your finances. You can buy what you've wanted for a while; not many people are aware of the ways you've squeezed your savings, it's a well-guarded secret.

Your current life stage makes you very efficient at work, and you'll be wise enough to earn benefits from previous situations; you'll get back in touch with a former client, or perform functions that you hadn't done in a while.

You might feel a slight financial recession if you go out often. Are you the kind of Aries to have breakfast out on the daily, or who eats more at restaurants than at home? You might want to take a look at those expenses.

Also, try to remember if you've got any birthdays or anniversaries of loved ones coming up. Use your imagination to surprise them, you don't need to spend a ton of money on a present.


Don't try to trick others by hiding health issues. No one has health of steel; say out loud what your weaknesses are, or share your case if you're facing an illness not many people know about.

The stars will help you out at being a little more active. You might surprise yourself when you pick up the phone to challenge a friend to play some tennis. You'll move your body around, and your friendship will become stronger.

However, remember that it's a must that you warm up before doing exercise; that will stop any prospective injuries from coming.