Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The influence of Venus in your love life promises great moments of complicity on this first Sunday of April.

As soon as you wake up you will dress with a sense of sensuality, a perfect smile showing a memorable mood and a mysterious encounter in coming your way, in an unusual place for those who are single.

Although, if you are in a relationship you can take the steering wheel and be in charge for once, prepare a nice date for you both so that your partner is left gobsmacked!

In short, most of you Aries will live a romantic day, especially if you make the most of every minute of every hour. And it is that the beautiful position of the stars that will make your day last a short amount of time.

Be aware, this doesn’t mean that your world is about to end, do not sin by being naive.

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Your lack of measurement is an issue when it comes to money, and this will make you worthy of certain reproaches, on behalf of your family, your boss or even your colleagues.

There are issues in which you haven’t been down to Earth when meeting the budgets, and it is normal that they catch your attention, so put your intuitions in order and learn from your own mistakes.

Recognize those mistakes you made, reflect on them but don’t dig your heels in too deep as you need to move forward.

There is a lot to come, and you still haven’t finished the race (nor doesn’t the world end).


To improve your health, try not to ingest too many foods that contain uric acid such as certain meats, seafood, spinach of radishes.

These may raise the issue of kidney stones or even gout, therefore, to prevent is better to cure!

For the rest, Magic Horoscope sees a good day ahead of you, without excess tiredness and there will be times that you will spread joy among others with your great sense of humour.

The aquatic activities will be interesting, whether it is swimming, sports you can do in a pool, or even a nice relaxing boat ride among a ship. This will definitely get rid of any negative energies around you!