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This Monday, calmness, understanding and complicity with your partner will be the norm. Together you'll have some very lively conversations, and you'll be able to sort out some dark issues that could cloud your love story.

You'll shut down a series of rumours you've heard about, and from now on you'll make great choices as long as you reach consensus beforehand.

If you're single, Venus has a cheerful day in store for you as far as emotions are concerned. You'll quickly take advantage of any chance to make some new acquaintances, and you'll also strengthen the bonds you've already got.

Some of you will have a heart torn between two people who are trying to win it; choose one side, it's not fair to play a double game. You wouldn't like that being done to you, right, Aries?

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Mercury will force you to squeeze up a bit and be more mindful about your expenses. You'll have to limit the money burning in your hands at lightspeed.

You'll try hard to make other people's lives a happier experience, and you'll think about burying your partner or children in presents, but be sensible: not the wisest choice. You'll have better chances for it in the near future.

At work, astral influences will allow you to keep steadier efforts going. Just by putting in some extra work your results will be outstanding, and sooner or later they'll become money in your bank.


You don't need to be too strict about your wellness routines: just by avoiding filling up on sweets you'll stay in shape. Avoid the temptations of gluttony!

Thanks to the way the stars influence your family life, relationships with children will be enriching. You'll absorb some of their dynamics and readiness to take over the world, and you'll know how to listen when they want you to.

You'll need to be careful around certain highly attractive people, because they'll turn out to be pretty shallow, and they'll try to lead you down a long, harmful road. Get away from them, because they're not bringing anything good into your life.