Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you will tie your shoelaces tightly because you are willing to put your feet on the ground more than ever, and walk with impetus and joy.

In love you will want to reach the highest peak, that goal that seemed to you that was only available to a few.

But even the wings you have placed to fly towards infinity are weaker than you imagine, and the security you have in yourself is your main enemy.

And like Icarus in mythology, your desire to touch the sun can cause a painful fall from which you cannot recover.


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It takes a lot of effort during this day to get pretty little, Aries.

Your economy is slowing down, and what yesterday was easy to achieve, now it will be hard to get and you will have to increase the desire to work and fight for what is yours.

Your sector will be especially complicated if you are in business, and you may even have empty discussions with people with whom there is usually a wonderful connection.

If you have a closet full of clothes that do not fit well you have to force yourself to do a thorough cleaning and sell everything that is left over.

In fact, if you think about it, you still buy so much clothes because what you really keep in the closet is from a time when you were thinner, or maybe thicker.

Anyway, get to work, make room and find liquidity.


It's okay to want to ensure a quality future through savings, but don't overdo it, Aries.

Because in matters such as health you should not tighten your belt to the maximum, or you will get seriously damaged.

So, buy that item that would improve your wellbeing such as an electric blanket, or hire a massage, or whatever you need to make your day to day better.

Because you don't need to be the richest person in the cemetery tomorrow. Think about it, really, and live in the present, always looking out for you.