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Material comfort and pleasure contribute to happiness, but sometimes you may think that for having a home whose lyrics you manage to pay every month and a partner with whom you share a bed you have already touched a roof.

The joy you have inside is difficult to quantify, if not impossible, isn't it? But if you look deep into your soul, there is a stain.

What aspect of your love would you like to improve, what is wrong and what makes your head turn over and over again?

Try to define well that stone that damages your walk, and involve your partner together to find an answer, a solution.

With such an astral climate, it is clear that this Friday will not be the best Friday for singles to make conquests.


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To continue your desire to be a better professional and more fierce, able to make real wealth, you need to believe more in yourself.

And above all, stop comparing yourself to other colleagues, who have perhaps had better opportunities or training than you on different issues of life.

You have the problem, it is in your eyes, not in the eyes of others, nor in the competition that you may find, Aries.

You must focus on your abilities, on being present, on marveling customers or your bosses, on creating, on transmitting, and on accepting that life is continuous learning in which nothing is known beforehand.

The day you assume that the world is imperfect and that you are too, you will manage to love life more and be a better professional.


It seems basic but it is not: the state of plenitude, of absolute well-being, has a lot of ingredients such as diet, sleep, physical exercise, sunlight, connection with nature.

Maybe you think you have some of these needs more than covered, but you still lack the last one: to go outdoors.

Try to take the bike to a remote place, it will improve your mood and therefore your health instantly, and if it is surrounded by trees, much better.